Z section steel

Alan Yang

Z Section steel£ºZ Section steel is get the name of English word Z,it is a common cold - formed steel, it use of high strength steel plate,after cold bending of 18-24 row roll forming mold.

The utility model has the advantages of uniform wall thickness, good section performance and high strength.

Z section Steel is usually used in large steel structures.

It used as purlin of steel structure, increase the stability of steel structure, continuous purlin overlap.

The flange design equilateral, porous connection, more solid and more reliable.

Cold Z compared with hot rolled steel with the same cross section area, the radius of gyration can be increased 50 to 60%.The moment of inertia can be increased than before.

Thus it can make use of the material strength more reasonably(from traditional I-beam, channel steel,

Production of steel and steel plate steel compared with the structure, the steel can be saved about 50%-60% material using.