Why the prices of the steel products go up in China?

Alan Yang

The reasons that the prices of the steel products go up recently in China (for your references only):

1. The supply of the coal is decreased from April.

2. The strongger performances of the industires of car, real estate and infrastructure improves the need.

3. The capital flows into the steel industry after the regulation of the real estate.

4. The shortage of the coke causes the shortage of the high quality of mineral resources,devaluationof the RMB

make the prices of iron ore go up.

5°£salck season turns into peak season, the need of steel products is rising.

6. the insufficient of the transport.

7. thedevaluationoftheRMB

8. the cutting overcapacity of rebars brings the speculativ need of the rebars ring.

9. the expect of the inflation in USA and China